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Causes of Hypoglycemia are Not Limited to Diabetics Alone

In order to understand the different causes of hypoglycemia it is first important to understand exactly what hypoglycemia is. Many people are under the common misconception that hypoglycemia is a condition unto itself however the reality of the matter is that this is more a symptom of other conditions or occurrences rather than a condition in itself. With that being clarified let’s let at some of the possible issues that may lead to the presence or appearance of this symptom.

Hypoglycemia occurs when the level of sugar or glucose in the blood reaches a level that is considered to be too low and although this occurrence can be caused by several different things it is most often seen in individuals who are affected by the condition of diabetes. When a person has diabetes how insulin affects their bodies is somewhat different than that of a person who does not have this condition. This is because diabetics either do not produce enough insulin or have developed a resistance to the insulin that is produced. When this happens it causes the blood glucose level to become elevated creating the need for synthetic or manmade insulin to be injected to lower these high levels of sugar. If too much insulin is used it may cause this level to drop too quickly or too low thus which often results in the occurrence of hypoglycemia. Another example of common causes of hypoglycemia in diabetics is when a person waits too long to eat causing sugar levels to drop significantly. This is the reason it is often recommended that diabetics eat several small meals throughout the day in an effort to prevent this from happening. When dealing with diabetes it is vital that you administer precise dosage amounts of insulin as recommended by your health care provider to prevent this from occurring and always the your doctor know if you are still having issues regarding the regulation of your glucose levels so that dosage adjustments can be made if necessary.

Although hypoglycemia is most often seen in diabetics it is possible for other individuals to experience this symptom as well. Hypoglycemia in individuals without diabetes is much less common however it is still possible and does occasionally happen although not for the same reasons as that which is experienced in people with diabetes.

Some of the most notable causes of hypoglycemia in individuals who are not affected by the presence of diabetes include the use of certain medications such as the accidental use of a diabetic’s insulin or a medication known as quinine which is used to treat malaria as well as certain types of leg cramps. Other known issues that may lead to the occurrence of hypoglycemia include kidney failure, excessive alcohol consumption, and major illnesses such as those that affect the liver like hepatitis.

When symptoms are present that indicate the levels of sugar or glucose in the blood have dropped too low it is vital to seek medical treatment in an effort to elevate these levels back to a healthy level to prevent serious issues from developing. If this occurrence becomes a recurring problem your doctor may suggest an ongoing treatment plan to correct or control the problem.

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