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Important Information Needed to Answer the Question ‘What is type 2 diabetes’?

Diabetes Mellitus refers to a group of diseases that occur when the body cannot control the amount of sugar or glucose levels in the blood. Glucose produced by the body after digestion is carried by the blood to all cells in order to provide energy to perform daily activities but in diabetes due to medical conditions in the body the glucose cannot be utilized or absorbed by the cells. It happens for two reasons – either there is an insulin deficiency or the cells show condition where they cannot absorb the insulin produced by the pancreas. Insulin helps in absorption of glucose by body cells. The deficiency of insulin leads to Type 1 Diabetes and the inability of the body to absorb insulin leads to Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is very common in children and teens especially those who are overweight. Studies showed that nearly 8 to 45% of children diagnosed with diabetes in the U.S. show type 2 Diabetes.

What is type 2 diabetes?

Let us have a more detailed discussion on type II diabetes. It is a condition where the pancreas releases insulin required for absorbing glucose from the blood, but the body loses its ability completely or partially to use the insulin and help cells absorb glucose. Consequently the amount of sugar rises in the blood causing the symptoms of diabetes and suffering. This is also called insulin resistance diabetes.

As the glucose level goes on increasing and the body responds the pancreas releases more and more insulin to help the absorption of sugar thus causing the condition to aggravate faster and the symptoms become vigorous.

The type-2 diabetes is typically recognized in adulthood usually after 45 years of age and was also called adult-onset diabetes mellitus. However the increasing number of type II diabetes in children has been really alarming in the U.S. and other developed nations across the world.

Signs and symptoms

As we discuss ‘what is type 2 diabetes’ it is important to point out the common signs and symptoms.

  • The premature symptoms may be chronic fatigue, malaise and generalized weakness.
  • Excessive urination or tendency of urination
  • Increased fluid intake caused by an excessive thirst
  • In few cases blurred vision
  • Lethargy and unexplained weight gain or loss
  • Excessive bowel movements and itching in the external genital organs.
Cause of Type 2 Diabetes

There are several factors that can give rise to type 2 diabetes. They are – obesity, elevated cholesterol level in blood, hypertension, and also due to metabolic syndrome. Few other notable causes include conditions like Cushing’s syndrome, acromegaly, chronic pancreatitis, drugs, cancer, thyrotoxicosis to name a few. High fat diet, aging and poor lifestyle habits can also be the cause of this diabetes.

Control of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes can be controlled if one makes the proper adjustments to his or her lifestyle. One needs to control his weight, maintain a proper balanced diet, and take prescribed oral medications. Regular exercise, physical activities and good diet are what doctors always prefer to control this type of diabetes. I hope this discussion on ‘what is type 2 diabetes’ has been able to give you a fair idea of this disease and understand it better.

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