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What is Insulin? – Important Information for Newly Diagnosed Diabetics

What is insulin? It is surprising how many people do not know the answer to this question however because of the rising occurrence of issues relating to diabetes this amount is decreasing as people are becoming more aware.

Insulin is a hormone that is created in the pancreas to regulate the glucose or sugar levels within the blood that provide energy to the body. Every person needs a steady amount of this sugar each day and it is obtained from the food we eat.

Many people don’t even think about this process unless they are themselves or know someone else who is diabetic.

Type 1 diabetes is when the pancreas ceases to produce an adequate amount of insulin to keep the levels of sugar in the blood regulated whereas with type 2 diabetes the body can become resistant to the insulin that is created. In most cases, type 2 diabetes can be maintained with medications and proper nutrition however with type 1 diabetes it necessary to take regular shots of insulin so that the body can make glucose to use for energy. Because insulin is so important to the body it is essential that individuals with diabetes carefully monitor their sugar levels and keep them at a safe level in order to prevent organ damage.

Once an individual learns the answer to the question of what is insulin and how important it is many diabetics thus are more likely to be more careful about keeping their blood sugar levels regulated thus making it possible to live a normal healthy life.

The first step in regulating the levels of blood sugar in your body is diet and exercise. Sugar is found in almost everything you eat however more so in some foods than in others. For this reason, a diabetic has to be very careful what they eat and when. Foods that are high in sugar such as candies and ice cream as well as foods that are high in starch like rice and potatoes should be avoided by diabetics as much as possible as these foods have an abundance of sugar and very little other nutritional value. Foods that are good to eat are foods that are high in fiber and other necessary nutrients such as fruits and vegetables, beans, lean meats and fish. Foods with large amounts of saturated fats like butter and the like are okay to eat but only in moderation. The three most important food groups to controlling diabetes include fats, carbohydrates and proteins and the levels of each of these should be properly balanced to effectively control sugar levels.

Now that you have the necessary answers and know the importance of what is insulin, you have the power to make the needed changes to whatever parts of your lifestyle need to be adjusted in order to keep sugar levels regulated to a more healthy level and thus keep them in balance as a result of this information.

In extreme cases of diabetes diet alone may not be enough to regulate sugar levels in which case medication may become necessary. When this is this case it is very important that you take these medications exactly as your doctor prescribes in order for them to have the desired effect.

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